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Financing Options

Let’s face it: home improvement is not cheap. And not too many people have a stash of money put away somewhere for the sole purpose of upgrading their house. There are, however, some financing options that can help in managing the expenses of your home renovations in Calgary. They include bank financing plans and refunds on your mortgage loan insurance.

Bank Financing

Several banks offer credit lines, mortgage add-ons, and mortgage refinancing options for big renovation projects or house upgrades. With a specific minimum equity on your home, you may qualify for having all your debt in the same plan that includes your mortgage, thus reducing your interest rate.

Mortgage Loan Insurance

If you have mortgage loan insurance with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), then you may be eligible to get 25% back on your premium for taking on energy-saving renovations.


We sell Energy Star certified products for home exteriors which are optimized for Alberta’s climate zones. By embarking on window and door replacements in your home, you can save on your energy bills. By conserving energy, you are also helping the planet.

The best part about this is that the Energy Star products are very aesthetic and durable, so you would not need to bother about high maintenance, regular replacements. You also are not stuck with an unappealing exterior. Our aesthetic options ensure that you can have the exact home that you can be proud of!


EnerClear is particular about the growth of strong Calgarian communities. Together, we can take steps toward conserving the planet. This is why we offer up to a 5% discount to our clients who suggest their friends and families to use our services. This discount would apply to the next home renovation project that they embark on.

Need more specific information about our offerings? At EnerClear Exteriors, we understand that each of our clients has specific situations and requirements. This is why we would love to work directly with you. Why don’t you give us a call us right away so that we can get this conversation going!