Apart from being a highly recommended window, door and siding installation/repair company for homes in Calgary, EnerClear Exteriors also offers other services. This is what puts the ‘exteriors’ in our name. You will get the same attention to detail and determination to give your home an aesthetic finish that makes you always look forward to going home.

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Here is a summary of our exterior offerings beside windows, doors and sidings:


EnerClear Exteriors has skilled professionals for stucco installation and replacement in Calgary. Even though there are different types of stucco materials that can be used for the outdoors, the two main classes you will find in southern Alberta are traditional and acrylic. 

Traditional (or conventional) stucco is made of sand and cement. It is common in older homes and it has a characteristic texture or roughness, which depends on the size of the grains of sand used. On the other hand, acrylic stucco gives a smoother, more modern look to homes and is the common type used today in southern Alberta. It is usually part of the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) which involves several steps to ensure proper waterproofing and insulation. Acrylic stucco is pre-mixed for any custom colour, thus it doesn’t require painting and the resultant colours are quite predictable and consistent.This is unlike conventional stucco which comes in dry powder form and can have colour variations from batch to batch as it mixed. It also often needs to be painted over to achieve the exact colour that the client wants.

EnerClear Exteriors Finished Home

Stucco repair in Calgary:

Some of the signs that your exterior stucco needs repair include flaking, bulging, crumbling and cracks. These are mostly seen in the traditional type, which is not water resistant like acrylic. EnerClear Exterior has trained professionals who would assess the extent of damage and offer you options for repair or suggest replacement with acrylic stucco. Our stucco renovation and repairs may involve removal of the affected portions and replacing them with a texture and colour that matches the previous or you may simply benefit from the stucco painting services that we offer in Calgary.


When it comes to installation of stones on home exteriors, we have you covered! Stones for home exteriors in southern Alberta typically comes in 2 forms. The first are the rough pieces in different sizes, which give a more rustic look. The other kind are veneers which have a smooth back and consistent size, making the install look more uniform. 

We get our stone supplies from Canadian based companies which are known for premium quality and uniqueness. This means you get to select the perfect type, colour, shape, dimensions and arrangement of stones for your home, yet not have to worry about durability! 

Because stone is expensive it is typically used as a feature in smaller areas of houses. Common places to find stone accents are around a garage door, on pillars or a small wall at the front of a house. At EnerClear Exteriors, we mostly install natural stone and make use of professional masons in ensuring that we get it right the very first time. 

EnerClear Exteriors Finished Home


The two types of roofing that you are likely to see in Calgary are asphalt and rubber. Asphalt shingles are still the most commonly used, despite the fairly recent entry of the more expensive rubber shingles into the market. EnerClear Exteriors installs high-quality asphalt shingles in various vibrant colours. Once in a while, we also install clay tile roofs for clients who want that vintage look which can last for up to a century.

Roof repairs in Calgary

No one wants to have a leaky roof over their heads! This is why our experienced team will work to quickly identify if it is due to water infiltration from a breach in the original install and attempt to fix it. Sometimes we have to install additional roof vents as well. 


Every house in Canada has rainware on its roof to protect the house from the elements and pests. Rainware is comprised of soffit, fascia and eavestrough, all of which are usually aluminum and can come in many different colours.  

The Soffit is the underside of the roof overhang and it is usually vented to let the air flow into the attic then out the top of the roof vents. This helps to prevent any moisture build up in the attic which could lead to problems within the house. We sometimes use cedar or a wood-like PVC product with pot lights as a feature in our soffits.  

Fascia is the outer face of the roof to which eaves are attached. It is the horizontally running board that covers the roof edges, protecting your house from being invaded by birds and small mammals. The function of the Eavestrough is to drain water from the roof. This conduit needs to be strong, intact and free of leaves or debris in order to properly protect the house. 

EnerClear offers reliable installation and replacement of rainware. We also repair damaged soffits and fascias and bent or leaky eavestroughs. Say goodbye to boring and say hello to long-lasting rainware which will protect your house while giving it an aesthetic flair!



Timber accents are usually done at the front of the house, usually over a door or spanning between the roofline and sometimes, we use large timber to build posts. When it comes to wood choice, fir and cedar are often preferred and the wood is typically left untreated and rough. This decorative timber accent results in a mountain look that is common in Canmore, but is becoming more popular in other parts of Alberta, including Calgary. All our timber work at EnerClear Exteriors is custom to the house and typically built on site.


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